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Visiting Johanna Skoczylas and Eliane Diethelm in their studio showroom for Falke footprints Zurich

Zurichs neighborhood Kreis 5 right around the main train station attracted a new generation of entrepreneurs, who opened their cafés, restaurants, showrooms and studios. In the heartbeat of the area we met Johanna and Eliane who created the fashion brand "Little Black Dress"

At her graduate fashion show nine years ago, Joanna met Eliane, a professional seamstress who had realised that she wouldn’t be able to work the way she wanted to at one of the big fashion labels. The two hit it off immediately and became best friends. It’s easy to see why. Eliane’s face is an open book that seems to reflect her every thought. Her eyes fly about the room restlessly, looking for something to hold on to whilst her thoughts drift from one topic to the next. Like Joanna, Eliane is full of energy and entrepreneurial spirit, and driven by the desire to do things differently.

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