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Talking to architect and designer Sabine Keggenhof for Falke footprints Zurich

Sabine was the interior designer of Falke's new flagship store in the heart of Zurich. A perfect scene for our interview.

Sabine Keggenhoff attracts stares. There’s no doubting it. I follow her through the city: Her simple black dress, severe hair and slow walk – seemingly unrushed and aimless – makes her stand out from the other passerby on this hot summer day in the centre of Zurich. Squeaking streetcars rattle by, relieving one another. Tourists and locals throng across the intersection, but she stays where she is. The traffic lights change from red to green. People stream past her. She waits – behind her, the horizon, Lake Zurich and, in the distance, the snow-covered mountains.

Read Josef's article and watch our video at FALKE footprints, Sabine Keggenhof

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